Are you frustrated with snow removal on our roads? Winter traffic congestion?

The inclement weather of the last few weeks puts our government’s management of our transportation system under a microscope.

Transportation is one of my core issues, and I’m running to be a voice and advocate for our transportation needs in Jefferson County. 

I’m tired of bureaucrats telling us that all we need is a new train project! 

I’ve watched our county change as I grew up in Arvada, in my work as a Profesional Civil Engineer on many of our local highway projects, and as a Jefferson County Commissioner.

This experience, as well as my time on numerous transportation boards and coalitions in Jefferson County, have taught me one key thing: 

It’s easy to talk a big game when it comes to our roads, but much harder to actually get something done about them. 

The solution also isn’t to just “raise our taxes”. 

Our government doesn’t have a funding problem, it has an efficiency problem. 

I want to take my engineer mindset to our state government.

If we cut fat elsewhere and prioritize funding for repairs, maintenance, and expansion where needed, we can address the transportation needs across Jefferson County. 

I’m running to win our district back, but I can’t do it alone. 

This is a grassroots campaign, we will make every dollar count from $1 to the maximum contribution of $400. 

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 I am truly grateful for your support.