Meet Donald Rosier

Donald Rosier is a professional civil engineer with a commonsense plan for the health, safety, and economic prosperity of our community. As a Republican candidate, Donald will help restore legislative balance to our state government instead of the single party interest we’ve experienced since 2018. 

Donald Rosier served as a Jefferson County Commissioner for two terms, the first of which during the “Great Recession”. During this time, our community faced immense financial challenges, similar to the COVID-19 pandemic. Donald led the way by streamlining and improving core county services, with a commitment to the residents, businesses, and visitors of Jefferson County.

Donald will bring this experienced, crisis leadership to our state government as we work to economically recover from COVID-19. He will fight for our local businesses, jobs, and community health.

A local organic farmer and avid outdoorsman, Donald also values our environment and open spaces. He will work for the conservation of our natural resources, and the mitigation of wildfires.

Donald’s professional experience as a civil engineer, plus his service on numerous transportation boards and commissions, provides him a unique understanding and background to help serve our growing transportation needs.

Ultimately, Donald will serve the entirety of our diverse district. He will listen to the unique needs of our communities and small businesses. He will vote for your interests not the interests of big government or a single political party.

Donald Rosier has served on numerous boards and commissions including the following:

  • Boundary Control Commission
  • Colorado Counties, Inc. Legislative Committee
  • C-470 Corridor Coalition board member
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) board member
  • DRCOG Administrative and Executive Board member
  • Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation Executive Committee
  • Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation Board
  • Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority Board – Chairman
  • Noxious Weed Advisory Board
  • Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee
  • Jefferson County Transportation Action and Advocacy Group (JEFFTAAG) – Chairman
  • I-70 Mountain Coalition
  • Chairman of the Land Use and Natural Resource Steering Committee – Colorado Counties Inc.
  • DRCOG Metro Vision Issues Committee
  • Chairman of the WestConnect Transportation Planning Committee

Rosier is past chair of the Metro Area County Commissioners (MACC) group of Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI), and is past president of the CCI Front Range District. He chaired CCI’s Land Use and Natural Resource Steering Committee for over four years. In 2011, Rosier was named CCI’s Freshman Commissioner of the Year. CCI represents boards of county commissioners from more than 60 Colorado counties.

Donald also served on the National Association of Counties (NACo) Transportation Steering Committee, which develops NACo policies and represents counties before Congress. In 2012, he was chosen to participate in a national leadership institute developed by NACo and the Cambridge Leadership Associates. He also served as President of the National Conference of Republican County Officials (“NCRCO”)

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