Don on the Issues

“Before 2018, Colorado HD25 was represented by a Republican for decades. I’m here to WIN it back.”


Our current representative helped lead the charge to limit our freedoms, choices, and opportunities in Jefferson County. As a Jefferson County Commissioner, Don worked to streamline government services, cut waste, and make government more efficient. Don’s not running to play politics, he’s running to serve the unique needs of Jefferson County and its citizens.


Don’s a professional civil engineer with years of transportation experience on numerous boards, design and construction projects, and as a county commissioner. Don’s collaborative approach by working with numerous stakeholders creates actual results to our transportation needs. Don will work to prioritize transportation funding for repairs, maintenance, and expansion where needed. Let’s fix our potholes!


Fiscal Responsibility

As County Commissioner, during the Great Recession in 2010, Don took a leading role in the county by empowering staff and other elected officials to cut the fat while still providing essential services to those in need. Don knows the issue is not raising taxes only to place more money into the governmental black hole, the issue is our government operating more efficiently and thinking long term.


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