Don on the Issues

Partner With Our Local Businesses

A strong community is a community that provides opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs to establish and expand their business without the fear of onerous governmental oversight and taxation. I will continue the same efforts as a Representative as I started as County Commissioner by working directly with business owners to formulate a proactive partnership while implementing measures to eliminate excessive governmental regulation on business.

Job Creation

More work must be accomplished in securing job opportunities for all residents of Jefferson County and the State of Colorado. There are many communities that have not experienced the benefits of the economic recovery that the Denver Metro area has experienced. It is imperative that all residents of Colorado have the same economic opportunities and not be adversely affected by Denver elitists.


Fiscal Responsibility

With the push lately from the Federal and State government for the increased involvement in the everyday lives of citizens through the creation of numerous programs and regulatory agencies, our tax burden continues to increase well beyond any acceptable level. Unchecked and uncontrolled spending on programs and initiatives outside the basic tenants of state government must be brought into check.


Honesty, Integrity, and Vision

In my personal life as well as my professional career I place Honesty, Integrity and a clear vision of the tasks to be accomplished on the top of my list. As County Commissioner it was my job to serve as the conduit between the many levels of County government and the residents of the County. I promise to continue that service and conduct the office of State Representative with the honesty, integrity and long-term vision that residents of Jefferson County and the State of Colorado demand and deserve.

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