Donald Rosier

A proven leader for

Jefferson County

Rosier Family

Don Rosier is a leader in smart government; a strategic investor in Jefferson County and an advocate for sound money management:

  • Secured over $250 million transportation improvement funding dollars for the benefit of residents in Jefferson County
  • Implemented a zero-based budget process and refinanced long-term bond debt while voting to implement a fiscally sound balanced budget
  • Reduced red tape while fostering growth and accountability

Don Rosier is a leader in crisis management and communication:

  • Was the face of Jefferson County for the damage assessment and recovery efforts associated with the September 2013 floods
  • Was the voice coordinating Jefferson County, the State of Colorado, FEMA and Homeland Security; personally securing short and long term recovery assistance for Jeffco residents, businesses and local governmental agencies to repair and/or replace damaged property
  • Protected residents in the Lower North Fork fire; fighting to ensure they are compensated by the State of Colorado for their damage as it was a fire that was started by the state
  • Successfully implemented a detailed “slash” collection program for all Jeffco residents to minimize wildfires and mitigate forest fuels

Don Rosier was Colorado Counties’ Freshman Commissioner of the Year for the State in 2011 and was awarded the 2012 Elected Official of the Year by the Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation and the West Chamber of Commerce:

  • Engaged the Jeffco EDC to create an economic development plan spanning the entire county while incorporating all the cities within the county.  This effort has led to numerous companies expanding or relocating their operation in Jeffco.  Through Commissioner Rosier’s term, Jefferson County has attracted over 3,000 primary jobs leading to a decrease in the unemployment rate and greater financial security for thousands of county residents

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