Nov 04, 2014

Donald Rosier


Donald Rosier is a third generation Coloradoan and he has lived in Jefferson County his entire life. Growing up in Arvada he attended Swanson Elementary, North Arvada Junior High, and Arvada Senior High. He was as active in sports then as he is now, playing competitive and high school soccer, basketball, swimming, baseball, and track. As a child he spent many hours exploring the great opportunities that Jefferson County has to offer from hiking in the mountains, fishing at a local lake, attending the Harvest Festival to watching the spectacular sunsets from his back porch with his family. Learn More.


The backbone of a strong community is its local businesses. Local businesses provide the careers that drive our economy and by supporting these businesses we can ensure that they continue to provide solid careers for our children. As a county commissioner I will work directly with our small business owners to ensure that Jefferson County is a business friendly environment where owners can operate without the fear of onerous government regulations. Learn More.


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